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Tired of slamming windows?

Courandair window blocker

" Simple and Effective, it is mounted in 5 seconds on a majority of windows "

Big opening amplitude window blocker

Big opening amplitude

Window blocker prevents cat falls

Cats security feature details

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No screws, nails or tools. It adapts instantly to your particular window allowing you to ventilate the room of your choice

window and door blocker for air currents
Adjustable opening window blocker

It’s unique design offers great flexibility allowing you to hold your window open at angles from few degrees to more than 90°

The clamps rotate 360° and are attached to a flexible body, providing an infinite number of fixtures that meet all your needs

small opening window blocker Courandair

Can be installed to open either one leaf or two leaves at the same time

window blocker Patio door one leaf
window stay Patio door two leaves

The rubber coated clamps adhere to multiple surfaces providing protection and a robust grip on window sills as thick as 6cm

Multiple fixtures window blocker Courandair
window blocker for cats protection Courandair

You can easily manage the movement of your pet, and especially that of your cat:

By either holding your window a few centimeters open to prevent its crossing.

Or you can give it the freedom to choose, by opening the window to an angle that adapts precisely to its size.


  • Prevents air currents from abruptly slamming windows while ventilating your home
  • Ready to use: no tools required, and can be installed in less than 5 seconds
  • Opening angle from few degrees to more than 90°
  • Fits most window profiles
  • Protective rubber
  • Robust
  • Allows easy modulation of the opening to prevent or adapt to the passage of a pet
  • Usable on doors, windows, patio doors, etc ...
  • Optimizes the opening for better energy saving
  • Weight: 0.45Kg
  • Hose length: 30 cm
  • Clamp opening: 6cm max

Courandair is a registered trademark.


This product is not intended for child safety

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